June 10, 2023
Dangerous Malware Found on these 8 Android Apps

Android Malware “Autolycos” sneaked its way into the play store, infecting several apps. The French security researcher of Maxime Ingrao firm Evina discovered the presence of malware earlier in June last year (2021). The malware infected eight popular apps that have 3 million downloads worldwide. The spyware was propagating a new variant of joker spyware that subscribed users to premium services and accessed the user’s internal messages. The Fraudsters who created the spyware ran several Facebook pages and ad run campaigns to trick people into downloading the malware-Induced apps.

Researchers of Malwarebytes believe the new variant to be similar to the joker variant. Ingaro, the French cybersecurity research organization, also compared the malware to the joker spyware discovered in 2019. Joker was the first malware that specializes in fleeceware, which is mobile application malware that comes with hidden excessive subscription fees. These ‘wares’ infect mobile phones to keep the user unaware and take advantage of users who do not know how to cancel a subscription to keep charging them long after they delete the application.

The malware is still undergoing a variant mutation which makes it resistant to security walls. As pointed out by Malwarebytes “Autolycos” no longer needs WebView, which means the chance of the user understanding how it affects their device is slime, which is more threatening. There was a delay from Google’s end in removing the app, which created more users affected by the malware.

 The apps that were affected

Apps Downloads
Vlog Star Video Editor 1 million downloads
Creative 3D Launcher 1 million downloads
Wow Beauty Camera 100,000 downloads
Gif Emoji Keyboard 100,000 downloads
Freeglow Camera 1.0.0 5,000 downloads
Coco Camera v1.1 1,000 downloads
Funny Camera by KellyTech 500,000 downloads
Razer Keyboard & Theme by rxcheldiolola 50,000 downloads

Pradeo researchers have also identified four new malwares that embed the Joker malware:

Apps Downloads
Smart SMS Messages 50.000+ installs
Blood Pressure Monitor 10.000+ installs
Voice Languages Translator 10.000+ installs
Quick Test SMS 10.000+ installs

How to Avoid this Malware

To avoid getting infection and fraud, users must unlist from these apps before it’s too late. Users may utilize Google Play Protect Active, and pay closer attention to apps that ask permission, such the ones that ask you to access SMS. Ensure you only install necessary apps and minimize the ones you don’t require. Users’ reviews are not always trustworthy, as authors of malware may use bots to maintain good reviews and ratings, so you must not rely on user reviews alone and focus on the negative ones. It’s always best to look out for any red flags before you install an app.

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